Ohio Imperial Army

The Ohio Imperial Army is responsible for carrying out the Ohio Empire's land-based operations. It is one of the most advanced micronational militaries.

Imperial Army

Ceremonial Flag of the Imperial Army
Active 2008–2013
Country Ohio Empire
Role Land force
Size 2
Motto Semper licens  (Always Free)
Anniversaries August 28, 2008
Engagements Siple War
New European Civil War
Micronational War on Terror
General Smith
Emperor Malum I

History edit

The Imperial Army was formed on August 28, 2008 from the Army of the Republic. The Army of the Republic was the armed forces for the Ohio River Republic. The Army has only been engaged in two conflicts, the Siple War and Micronational War on Terror. The latter is still being fought.

Leadership edit

The leader of the Imperial Army, other than the Emperor, is General Travis Smith. General Smith is the Emperor's brother-in-law. He is a US marine and great tactician. He is married to the Emperor's nonactive sister. This also makes him second in line for the throne.

Units in the Imperial Army edit

This is the current organization of the Imperial Army.

  • Imperial Army
    • 1st Infantry Squad

Equipment edit

The Imperial Army is one of the only micronational militaries to actually fight in a physical war. They are also one of the first to use real weapons in a war. The standard weapon for active duty members is either the M16 Assault Rifle or the M16 Airsoft Rifle.

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