Operation Exodus

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Operation Exodus was the effort by the Grand Republic of Delvera to bring Markus II of the Holy Empire of New Israel into compliance with the demands laid out in Operation Genesis. The operation began on 15 September 2016 and concluded on 18 October.

Operation Genesis[edit | edit source]

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Operation Genesis was a covert intelligence gathering operation undertaken by Delveran Army Intelligence with the consent of Consul Casey Pemberton. The information it uncovered about Emperor Markus and New Israel was sufficient to warrant an ultimatum amounting to a series of demands that the Emperor reveal his deceit and apologize to the community for his wrongdoing.[1] The delivery of these demands constituted the end of the operation, and Markus' failure to comply resulted in Operation Exodus commencing.[2]

Press releases[edit | edit source]

The operation primarily took the form of controlled releases of information on Markus' past dealings through the micronational press. These included interviews with current and former associates, such as Johannes Andreassuun of the Angle-Saxish Commonwealth and Paolo Emilio I of Trebia. The Holy League, an alliance of Catholic micronations which Markus was at the time the president of, refused to comment on the issue.[3]

Outcome[edit | edit source]

Though the Grand Republic never received a reply from New Israel, Markus did not return to the MicroWiki community until February 2018, after Delvera had departed the previous year. He did not ultimately comply with all of the demands of the ultimatum, though he did accede to some of them. Markus dissolved New Israel in August 2018.

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