Operation Vicuna

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Operation Vicuña
Part of the decline of the NottaLottan Empire
Delvera captures NottaLottan official
Date 1 September 2016
Location NottaLotta Acres
Result Annexation of NottaLotta Acres by the Grand Republic of Delvera
link={{{2}}}Grand Republic of Delvera link={{{2}}}NottaLotta Acres
link={{{2}}} Colonel Jordan Brizendine
 • Major Dylan Callahan
link={{{2}}}Pope Pompous
5 2
Injuries and losses
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Operation Vicuña was the code name of the plan for the occupation of NottaLotta Acres by the Grand Republic of Delvera on 1 September 2016. The invasion was a success, and it resulted in the annexation of NottaLotta Acres into the District of Neosho.[1]

Prelude[edit | edit source]

On 29 May 2013, the Grand Republic of Delvera declared independence from NottaLottan Empire, which effectively reduced the empire to NottaLotta Acres itself, ending NottaLottan imperialism. In August of 2015, former Secretary Secretariat of NottaLotta Acres Dylan Callahan, among other NottaLottans, became a citizen of Delvera, and eventually settling in what would become the District of Neosho, a military district of Delvera thirty miles south of NottaLotta Acres.

On 20 August 2016, the remaining NottaLottan government officials left the country without notice. The Delveran military received reports of wild dogs loose throughout NottaLotta Acres, with widespread destruction to local livestock just days after the effective abdication of power.

The Pemberton administration determined it was in the best interests of both nations that NottaLotta Acres be annexed, and First Consul Pemberton ordered Supreme Commander Jordan Brizendine to commence a military operation to secure the country. The plan was code named Operation Vicuña.

Armies[edit | edit source]

The NottaLottan military had been reduced to 2-3 militia guards including Pope Pompous himself. The military was in a state of complete disorganization following the abdication. Delveran forces involved in the operation included Delveran Field Artillery Battery B, which was commanded by officers from the Quartermaster Division of the Delveran Specialists' Corps, with a total strength of 5.

Invasion and Surrender[edit | edit source]

On 1 September 2016, three days ahead of the scheduled date of execution, Operation Vicuña was put into effect.

The reason given for the early launch was that troops had been readied and the weather was unexpectedly and exceptionally conducive to military operations. At 1:20pm, Delveran forces under the command of Major Dylan Callahan entered NottaLotta Acres from the east.

Meeting essentially no resistance, Lt. Callahan led the expeditionary force into and through the capitol building and, at 1:22pm, declared the capitol secured.

Pope Pompous was found and apprehended outside the capitol building with no resistance. He was immediately released, as he no longer claimed micronational governance of NottaLotta Acres.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

With NottaLotta Acres squarely under Delveran control, the country was immediately declared annexed under the jurisdiction of Neosho District.

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