Order of Norton

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Order of Norton
Star and ribbon of the Order
Awarded by the Occidian Emperor
Country Occidian Empire
Eligibility At the monarch's pleasure
Status Currently awarded
Established 17 September 2021
First awarded 08 January 2022
Next (higher) Order of William
Next (lower) Cross of Independence

The Order of Norton is a dynastic order of knighthood established in 2021 by Emperor Oscar. It recognises distinguished personal service towards micronationalism as a whole.

Joshua Abraham Norton, self-proclaimed "Emperor of the United States" and "Protector of Mexico".

The idea behind this order was to celebrate the life and achievements of Joshua Abraham Norton, the Emperor of the United States, one of the spiritual founders of American micronationalism. The order was to be awarded only on 08 January, at Emperor Norton Day.

The first time it was awarded was after the annexation of Occidia to Karnia-Ruthenia, and was the first signed that most of Occidian culture would be incorporated to Karno-Ruthenian society.

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