Order of the Imperial Crown

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Order of the Imperial Crown
Ordem da Coroa Imperial
Chain of the Order of Imperial Crown
Awarded by the
Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia
Type Dynastic order
Motto In Fide Fortitudine
In faith, fortitude.
Eligibility Eligible to members of government, key players of the economic, social, cultural or sport sectors as well as to volunteers. Can also be awarded to foreigners.
Awarded for At the monarch's pleasure
Status Currently constituted
Grand Master Emperor-King Oscar
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Knight / Dame
Established 2021
First induction 24 December 2021
Last induction 25 December 2022
Distinct recipients 05
Next (higher) Order of the Enameled Cross
Next (lower) Order of Oscar
Ribbon of the Order of the Imperial Crown

The Order of the Imperial Crown was a dynastic order of knighthood founded in Persenburg by Emperor-King Oscar of Karnia-Ruthenia in 2021, with the sole degree of Knight or Dame, and were instituted to reward deeds in the economic, social, cultural or sport sectors as well as to volunteers and can also be awarded to foreigners. It was dormant after April 2022, then Karnia-Ruthenia adopted the Order of the Crown from Occidia.

Origin[edit | edit source]

In 2021, Oscar I reorganized the national orders, some decorations were included in the list of national orders, while others were disestablished.

Precedence and privileges[edit | edit source]

Sovereigns of the Order[edit | edit source]

2021 to present[edit | edit source]

  1. Emperor-King Oscar of Karnia-Ruthenia

Recipients[edit | edit source]

  1. His Illustrious Majesty, Dhrubajyoti Roy, Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra.
  2. His Imperial and Royal Highness, Ari, Archduke of Karnia-Ruthenia.
  3. Her Imperial and Royal Highness, Denise, Archduchess of Karnia-Ruthenia.
  4. His Royal Highness, Thomas, Duke of Saena.
  5. His Majesty, Bruno, King of the Hanseatics.
  6. His Majesty, Lucas VIII, Stadhouder of the United Provinces of Mauritia.

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