Orders, decorations, and medals of Lifréia

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia

The orders, decorations, and medals of Lifréia comprise the system in which Lifreian nationals and qualified foreigners are honored for acts that benefit the nation or the micronational community at large. The current system consists of four types of awards: honors, to recognize merit, in terms of achievement or service, decorations, to recognize specific deeds, and medals, to recognize service on a particular operation or in a specific theatre, long or valuable service, or good conduct. These are often issued in commemoration of some special event. The Kanfre is regarded as the fount of all honors and is the only one capable of introducing anyone to the national orders.

Current orders[edit | edit source]

Name Ranks Ribbon Established Motto Description
Order of Lamburg
Ordem de Lamburgo
Knight (KOTOL)
19 May 2015
Luctor, Non Mergor
I Struggle, But Am Not Overwhelmed
Dynastic order
Order of Lifre
Ordem de Lifre
Knight (KOL)
Dame (LOL)
20 May 2015
Чем ночь темней, тем ярче звезды
The darker the night, the brighter the stars
Dynastic order
Order of Nicholas, The Passion-Bearer
Ordem de Nicolau, O Portador da Paixão
Knight (KN)
Dame (LN)
13 November 2018
Morior Invictus
I die unvanquished
Dynastic order
Order of St. John the Evangelist
Ordem de São João, o Evangelista
Knight (KJE)
Dame (LJE)
25 April 2020
Sic eum volo manere donec veniam, quid ad te?
If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you?
John 21:22
Dynastic order