Pawel Ryszard

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
The Most Excellent
Pawel Ryszard
Premier of the Empire of Lifréia
06 January 2017 - 18 January 2019
Kanfre Ivan VII
Predecessor Position created
Successor Vacant
Personal information
Born 1999
Santa Catarina, Brazil
Citizenship Lifreian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Political party Indepedent
Alma mater Federal University of Santa Catarina
Occupation Chemist, politician

Pawel Ryszard, KOTOL, KOL, is a Brazilian and Lifreian chemist and former politician who served as the Empire's first President of The Duma (called "Premier", during the first years of his tenure). He was sacked as President of the Duma by Extraordinary Imperial Decree during the Political Crisis of 2019. He was a notorious enthusiast of foquismo as a political theory. Rumours abound about the influence of his political positions in the Kanfre's decision to relinquish his positions.

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