Prime Minister of the North American Confederation

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Prime Minister of the North American Confederation
Flag of the Prime Minister
Joseph Marx

since 30 May 2015
StyleThe Right Honourable
Term lengthSix Months
Inaugural holderAaron Meek
Formation28 November 2010
Final holderJoseph Marx
Abolished01 October 2020
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of the North America Confederation is the highest political office in the North American Confederation. The Prime Minister is an office that is obtained through democratic election by the full population, and subsequently confirmed by the full North American Congress.

A candidate for Prime Minister may be suggested by the Emperor, or nominated by a political party's executives. However, if a political party's candidate is elected into office, he or she does not become the head of the party.

Once in office, the Prime Minister can appoint a Council of Ministers, of which assist the PM in running the day-to-day business of the Confederation, as well as its individual ministries. In the case that a Prime Minister is incapable of performing his or her duties, resigns, or is impeached, the order of succession will begin with the Council of Ministers. Now, however, an order of succession has not yet been established.

The position was abolished by the Oscarine Constitution in 01 October 2020, and was replaced by the office of Kings in the Empire.

List of North American Prime Ministers[edit | edit source]

When the North American Confederation was founded in 2010, it was agreed that Aaron Meek be appointed to the position. Following the Emperor's abdication in early 2011, Meek took near absolute control of the government. The NAC soon collapsed and Meek resigned in April 2011.

The office was vacant for the next four years until the establishment of the Marx government in May 2015 formally ended the Interregnum and the first Prime Minister after the restoration of the North American Confederation was Joseph Marx, that served until the dissolution of the office in 2020.

Parties:   Commu-Socialist Party of North America   North American Centrist Party   Independent

# Portarit Name
Term start Term end Days in Office Political Party Monarch
Aaron Meek
28 November
28 April
Commu-Socialist Party
William I

First Prime Minister of the North American Confederation, appointed by mutual agreement of all parties of NAC foundation. Worked in its early stages to ensure that it became a successful and prosperous micronation, as well as drafted its first constitution. Abdicated following the Micras Crisis.
Jonathan I

28 April
30 May
Following the resignation of Aaron Meek, the office of Prime Minister was vacant for the entirity of the Interregnum period. In May 2015, the Emperor and Joseph Marx agreed to reestablish the Confederation under a new provisional government.
William I

Joseph Marx
30 May
01 October
Centrist Party
One of the North American Confederation's original founders. Participated in drafting its first constitution and former foreign minister. Founder of the North American Centrist Party. Appointment ended the four year Interregnum. Spearheaded restructuring of national government. Missouri Compact. Last Prime Minister of the Confederation.

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