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Kaiserliches Reichspost

Type Imperial and Royal Corporation
Founder Oscar I
Founded 03 March 2022
Postmaster General Thomas, Duke of Saena
Services Letter post, parcel service
Headquarters Persenburg, Ruthenia
Territory Karnia-Ruthenia

The Kaiserliche Reichspost (German:ˈʁaɪçsˌpɔst, Imperial Mail), is a imperial and royal corporation, the postal authority with jurisdiction over Karnia-Ruthenia. The Reichspost is also the official body responsible for issuing postal stamps. It is named after the Kaiserliche Reichspost, the postal service of the Holy Roman Empire, was founded on 03 March 2022[1].

Created by the Law A3-14[2] in 2022 after the project presented by Thomas, Duke of Saena and approved by the III Legislature. Within the Empire, it is the only authority and has had its home in the Persenburg since its foundation.

Postal stamps[edit | edit source]

The first set of postal stamps were released on 10 March 2022, to celebrate the Compromise Day, and used the images of members of the Imperial Family[3].

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