Republic of Palco

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Serene Republic of Palco
Constituent state of the Principality of Nossia

Bandeira de Palco.png
COA da Palco.png
Coat of Arms
CountryBandeira de Nossia - 2018.png Nossia
Anthem"Marcha sob o Sol"
GovernmentDevolved Presidential republic under a Parliamentary Constitutional monarchy
PresidentCarlo, Prince of Nossia
DemonymPalcan (English), Palcano (Portuguese)

The Serene Republic of Palco, simply known as Palco is a constituent state of the Principality of Nossia.

Separatism[edit | edit source]

The province of Palco Mediterrâneo always had a latent separatist desire, since the first days of the Principality. Aiming to put this to rest, on 5 April 2017, Prince Carlo I issued a princely decree, conferring the status of a constituent state of the Principality to the capital of the province (and the capital of Nossia), under the name of "Serene Republic of Palco"[1].

The office of President of the new "republic" was given to the prince. Rumors say that, unofficially, the presidency is actually a hereditary office. Other rumors also say that the separatist movement is dormant in the region, but not totally gone.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Palco prides itself in being the cultural center of the principality. The Palcan culture can be defined as being the very definition of Nossian culture. All the manners, customs, expressions and such can be said to be as Nossian as they are Palcan. The inhabitants of the city had had, since the independence of the principality, to conciliate their land's position as the national capital and as the homeland of the Palcans. Always being a very independent and aloof people, the inhabitants of the capital are known for their previously mentioned pride as they are for their will to defend what they know as their way of life.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Princely Decree 006/2017, On the status of the capital of Palco Mediterrâneo.