Republican Military Protectorate

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Republican Military Protectorate
Map of United States with Missouri highlighted
Map Showing the location of the Protectorate
Capital Amora
Largest city Amora
 - Total 408 acres
(165.1 hectares)
 - Total 5 (2015)
 - Citizens 1 (2015)
Establishment  30 June 2012
Chief Director Bob Monroe
Time zone CST (UTC-6)
Abbreviations RMP

The Republican Military Protectorate (RMP), formerly the Commonwealth Military Protectorate (CMP), is a special administrative region of the Grand Republic of Delvera. It was originally founded on June 30, 2012 by Commonwealth Resolution III to serve as a training ground for the Army of the Commonwealth and in order to protect the homes and holdings of several Commonwealth citizens and their families.

Legal Status[edit | edit source]

The Protectorate has autonomy from the Delveran national government, which cannot impose national laws on the residents. However, the Delveran Armed Services have nearly unlimited access to the majority of the properties for the purpose of training and defense, which is guaranteed to the citizens of the Protectorate in exchange. The Protectorate is socially, economically, culturally, and historically tied to the Grand Republic, and all of its residents are relatives of citizens. The RMP is overseen and represented by the Chief Director, Bob Monroe, who is the only Delveran citizen to reside within its borders.

Districts[edit | edit source]

The RMP was originally composed of four districts, I-IV. The V District was added in July 2013, and is the first non-contiguous part of the Protectorate. The I District is the largest, at 155 acres, and includes the DAS training facility Camp Friedrich. The II District is a 53 acre property that includes the administrative capital of the Protectorate and home of the Chief Director, Amora. The III District is an 80 acre property utilized for covert operations training. The IV District, though the smallest at 40 acres, is perhaps the most strategically important region of the Protectorate, and includes a high concentration of DAS installations, including Camp Charlemagne and Fort Indefatigable. The V District, being more distant and newer, is the least developed region, but includes the fledgling training base Camp Richard.

Territorial Dispute[edit | edit source]

Since March 2014, the status of the III District has been in dispute due to an ongoing disagreement between landowners in the region.[1]

Flag[edit | edit source]

The Protectorate is represented by the Delveran War Ensign.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

As Lavrasia is the closest province to the RMP, and the inhabitants of the Protectorate are relatives of Lavrasian citizens, defense of the region is largely overseen by Lavrasian forces.

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