Ruthenian Academy of Heraldry

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Academy of Heraldry
of the Kingdom of Ruthenia

Founder Oscar, King of Ruthenia
Founded 2015
King of Arms The Most Honble. Guilherme of Lomellina, the King of Arms
Headquarters Persenburg-Götzödorf.
Territory Bandeirarutena.png Kingdom of Ruthenia
LibertiaFlag.png Duchy of Libertia
GausslandFlag.png Grand Duchy of Gaussland

The Academy of Heraldry of the Kingdom of Ruthenia, simply know as Ruthenian Academy of Heraldry, is an Ruthenian organization established in 2015 to promote heraldry in the kingdom. The organization is responsible for the rules about the creation of arms, genealogy and can grant new arms to individuals with the approval of the King, deal with the arts of vexillology; the Academy of Heraldry also can assisted foreigners who want to register his coat of arms in the kingdom. The Academy was established by the Oscar, King of Ruthenia and the first King of Arms was Guilherme of Lomellina. Was transformed into the Imperial and Royal Academy of Heraldry on 11 January 2017.

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