Second Treaty of Nison

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Second Treaty of Nison
Cover of the Treaty.
Cover of the Treaty.
Created 25 October 2017
Ratified 25 October 2017
Location Nison, Cumagne
Authors Emperor-King Oscar
Signers Emperor-King Oscar
King Thomas I
Purpose Revoke the First Treaty of Nison.

The Second Treaty of Nison is a treaty signed between Emperor-King Oscar of Karnia-Ruthenia and King Thomas of Cumagne in which it was agreed that Cumagne would become once again an independent micronation and leave the Karno-Ruthenian Empire[1].

The treaty was made to dissolve the union after Cumagne had shown signs of a desire to separate and that the King of Cumagne had committed acts of high treason. With the departure of Cumagne, the Empire lost almost 10% of its total population at the time, but was recovered in the following weeks with new citizenship applications.

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