Snagoveanu affair

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Snagoveanu Affair
Date June - October 2022
Location Vishwamitran Discord Server
  • Snagoveanu was protected by Vishwamitran Government;
  • Dissolution of the State of Guwati;
  • End of diplomatic relations between the Empire and Vishwamitra.
Karnia-Ruthenia Vishwamitra
Emperor-King Oscar Dhrubajyoti Roy


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Total: 2

The Snagoveanu affair, also known as the Vishwamitran betrayal, was an incident that happened in 2022 at the Discord server of the State fo Vishwamitra, that involved Dhrubajyoti Roy and the notorious xenophobic Stefan Marius Snagoveanu.

Dhrubajyoti Roy, within Karnia-Ruthenia, served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and regional ruler of the State of Guwati. The close relations between the Empire and Vishwamitra led to share common spaces like the National Discord of Vishwamitra. There, Snagoveanu, for three times offended through racist and xenophobic remarks the Brazilian people, leading to a strong oppostion of Oscar I and other Brazilian-born micronationalists.

At the third attack, the Emperor-King collected proofs and promoted a criminal prosecution in the Supreme Court of Justice against Snagoveanu, with the support of Sildavia and Ebenthal. However, the head of state of Vishwamitra made all efforts for the prosecution be refused and, when accepted, made clear to the Emperor-King that the result wouldn't be the intended, since no criminal sanction was possible to be applied. Losing faith in Vishwamitra considering the impossibility to pursue justice and the protection over Snagoveanu's crimes, the Empire revoked recognition on Vishwamitra considering it as an extinct micronation[1] and the dissolution of the State of Guwati[2].

Roy's reputation was ruined by the implication that he had protected Snagoveanu in the practice of hate crimes against Brazilians and the Empire in general. Although Roy was later judges in his fails, the event remains historically significant as one of most harmful betrayals in History of Karnia-Ruthenia, that led to the disillusionment with Vishwamitra and much of the so-called MicroWiki sector, in that it was one of the contemporary scandals that gave moral weight and internal popular support to stay away of such environment.

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