Social Republic of New Europe

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Social Republic of New Europe
November 21 - December 1, 2009
Flag Coat of arms

National Anthem:
Ein Land, Ein Volk

New European colonial empire.

Capital Chicago

Religion Christianity

Official languages English, European languages

Demonym New European, European-American

Government Military junta
Reich Führer Johannus von Ikner (NEFP)
Vice-Führer Ryan Lahiff (NEFP)

Legislature none
Seats 0

Historical era New European Civil War
– Established 21 November 2009
– Disestablished 1 December 2009

– Citizens 70
– Residence 70

Currency New Euro Dollar($)

Time zone Central: UTC-6/-5

The New European Social Republic was a North American Micronation that was founded on November 21, 2009 when Johannus von Ikner lead a coup that resulted in the abolition of the New European monarchy. It was disestablished after the Battle of Chicago during the New European Civil War.

Time in Power [edit | edit source]

Coup d’état[edit | edit source]

On the morning of November 21, 2009, then, Imperial Chancellor Johannus von Ikner ordered members of Reichswehr to take position in key locations throughout the New European Capital city. And then proceeded to hack into government accounts online and changed the passwords and took control of the government. The Kaiser, Wilhelm I, traveled to the city and addressed the crowd of soldiers and Fascist Party members. He begged and pleaded with the chancellor who demanded that he abdicate in favour of a Fascist State. The emperor demanded that the Army stand down and the dismisal of von Ikner. Both were refused and the emperor ordered the Imperial Guard to arrest the chancellor and as they attempted he ordered the Army to engage them and capture the Kaiser.

A skirmish that lasted for three hours and the day belonged to the fascists. The guard driven back and the Kaiser was captured. He was forced to aknowledge the new regime and accept the terms of abdication. His brother being the current heir, was to remain in the country for some time for questioning. But the Kaiser himself and the rest of the extended imperial family had been given no more than three days to leave the continental U.S. and they did so.

Civil War[edit | edit source]

Throughout the entire war the Social Republic had been rediculed by the community. So much so that it lacked any of the external resources to survive, even if they won the war. And it waged brutal campaigns against neutral neighboring Ohio. And repealled all of the abolished race policies. Finally the Kingdom of Coleraine entered the war to protect its intrests in the region. This proved to much for the regime and its army. And after the capture of Chicago, the capital, the Reich Führer signed a declaration of surrender.

Government[edit | edit source]

The Social Republic of New Europe is a Fascist Military junta. All state monarchies were considered abolished and republics were to adopt a fascist form of government. The military was in control of all legislative authority, the Reichstag was dissolved.

Foreign Policy[edit | edit source]

All Imperial foreign policies remained in effect with the acception of two changes:

  • New Europe would no longer recognize any communist or socialist micronations.
  • Anyone who refused to recognize the new regime was considered an enemy of the white race and were subject to any act of judgement the government deemed nesseccary.

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