State Council of Lifréia

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
State Council of Lifréia
Госуда́рственный сове́т
Agency overview
Formed 14 May 2015
Jurisdiction Empire of Lifréia
Headquarters Palace of Cossacs, State Council Chambers, Lamburgrad, Holif-Lamburgrad Autonomous Oblast Lifréia
Agency executive Vacant, Chairman

The State Council (Russian: Госуда́рственный сове́т) is the supreme state advisory body to the Kanfre of Lifréia. Its chairman is appointed by the Kanfre. The rest of its members are appointed from persons distinguished in civil and military service. The President of the State Duma is, usually, chairman of the Council ex-officio. It has six seats, including the chairman.

Each member is responsible for the six "departments" of the Council: Executive Matters; Civil Administration; Ecclesiastical Administration; State Economy; Industry, Science and Commerce, and the Imperial Household.

Traditionally, the chairman is in charge of the department pertaining to Executive matters, but the most prestigious position is that in charge of the Imperial Household.

The Council also examines projects of law proposed by the Duma, advising the Kanfre on the matter of imperial assent. The majority of their sessions concern the budget and state expenditures, but they customarily examine anything submitted to them.