Taslavian Monarchy

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King of Taslavia
Rei da Taslávia
Guilherme I
since 14 December 2020
StyleHis Majesty
Heir apparentArchduchess Maria Clara
First monarchGuilherme I
Formation14 December 2020
ResidenceRoyal Palace

The King of Taslavia is a hereditary royal title and position proclaimed in 2020 by Oscar I on behalf of Guilherme I, both members of the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha. The kings retained the title of Archduke of Karnia after their ascension to the Throne. The wives of the kings bore the title of queen, while other members of the family the title prince or princesses of Taslavia.

Background[edit | edit source]

Constitutional powers[edit | edit source]

List of monarchs[edit | edit source]

No. Name Portrait Arms Reign Era
Reign duration
House Title
I Guilherme I [[File:|100px|border|center]]
14 December
present Italic era
2 months,  13 days
House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha King of Taslavia, Governor of Idolines
First King of Taslavia. Third monarch of the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha and coronated by his cousin, Oscar I, Emperor of Karnia-Ruthenia.

Line of Succession to the Throne[edit | edit source]

Arms and standards[edit | edit source]

Titles of the King[edit | edit source]

The King have an extensive list of titles and claims that reflected the importance of his dynasty.

His Royal Majesty, NN, by the grace of God, King of Taslavia and Governor of the Idolines, Archduke of Karnia and Prince of Ruthenia, Duke of Moaden and Rege, of Ferr and of Lo Mirante, Mazza and Gualla, Prince of Capri, Correggio, San Martino in Sant'Andrea and of Cartara and Lunigi, Marquis of Monte, of Scandia and Concordia, Count Palatine of Novallara and Banolo, Count of Iena and Avag, Lord of Sassu, Campo Galliano, Larano, Rodelia, Jeno and San Cassio.

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