From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Kingdom of Temeswar
Reino da Temesvária
Flag Coat of arms
"Only Unity Saves Long Island"
"Apenas a Unidade Salva Long Island"
Anthem: "Marche du Royal-Soissonnais"
"Royal March"
Largest city Freimemburg
Official languages English
Ethnic groups (2022) 100.0% White
Demonym Temesi, Temeswar, Temeswari
Government Military province
 •  King Oscar I
 •  Grand Voivode General Prince Brizendine von Warwick
 •  First talks 16 December 2022 
 •  Independence from Greater Islip 01 February 2023 
 •  Total 0.01 km2
0 sq mi
 •  2023 estimate 2
HDI (2020)Steady 0.763
Currency Vereinsmark (VM$) (BRL)
Time zone BRT (UTC−3)
 •  Summer (DST) TMST (UTC−2)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Calling code +55
Internet TLD .tm

Temeswaria, officially the Kingdom of Temeswar, is a micronation located in North America, surrounded by the United States by east and south, and by the United Kingdoms of Greater Islip by north and west. Considered a province of Karnia-Ruthenia, it was managed as a military occupation by the Sixth Army, as part of an agreement with micronations from the Long Island sector, that were worried with the volatile and tactless conduct of micronationalists of the region that counted with the imperial presence to preserve peace and development. On November 2023, the Sixth Army would be replaced by the Thirteenth Army.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Long Island sector is an area with a medium density of micronations located on Long Island, United States. The most known widely micronations of the region are present and active within the Microwiki sector. Some previously existant micronations founded before MicroWiki received some media coverage.

The earliest known micronationalist of the area was Cesidio Tallini, who founded The Tallini Family in 1998[1] and later defended the idea to transform Long Island in a sovereign nation[2][3][4][5]. More recently, an organization called Assembly of Long Island Micronations was founded in 2020 and conducted at least one summit to discuss issues relevant to the area[6].

Instability[edit | edit source]

The micronations that belonged to the MicroWiki sector, basically composed by very inexperient micronationalists, that often declared war on themselves, stopping the development of the sector and usually exposing the sector to harsh criticism.

Apart the uncountable aggressions through social media, the First Ausverian Civil War during 2021 and the Second Ausverian Civil War that started in the following year dragged the whole sector to animosity and "conflicts" performed by offenses in media and fights using Airsoft guns.

Occupation and Karno-Ruthenian rule[edit | edit source]

Contacted by the government of Greater Islip through the government of Cheskgaryian-Litvanian Commonwealth, negotiations started to decide hoe could the Empire help to pacify the micronational community based in Long Island and help it to develop while doesn't exert undue influence through force and influence. The outcome of the negotiations was the Treaty of Usgarn, that gave a portion of the territorial claims of Greater Islip to Karnia-Ruthenia, but limited the advance of the Empire over other micronations in the area.

On 09 February 2023, Field Marshal Grand Duke of Nordinsel along the agreement of the commanders of the Sixth Army appointed Admiral Duke of Saena as the Grand Voivode of Temeswaria[7], the military governor of the province on behalf of the Emperor. Despite the appointment, the province still under occupation of the Sixth Army. On 18 October 2023, Admiral Duke of Saena was substituted by General Brizendine. On 10 November, the Sixth Army would be replaced by the Thirteenth Army.

Flag and coat of arms[edit | edit source]

The coat of arms of the Temeswaria is essentially the Karno-Ruthenian imperial arms, with the coat of arms of Temeswaria (the boar, the oaks and the stars on the chest of a black eagle). The bearer of the Temeswar arms is the Karno-Ruthenian black eagle in order to show the fidelity of the newly established micronation to the Imperial and Royal Court in Persenburg. The coat of arms was simply added to the national flag, inspired by the military flag of Karnia-Ruthenia to demonstrate the military administration.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Long Island comprises a wide variety of terrain, including beaches, coastal pine barrens, suburban towns and urban cityscapes. To the west, the Micronational Area borders several bodies of water that separate Long Island from the other boroughs of New York City.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Coat of arms of the Government of Temeswaria.

Internal policy[edit | edit source]

The internal policies were conducted by Military Governor, which is appointed by the King, with the participation of a Temesi official and, ultimately, by the King himself.

Foreign policy[edit | edit source]

The foreign policy consists of non-intervention, self-determination, international cooperation and the peaceful settlement of conflicts. The matter is tasked to the Military Governor, who is titled as Grand Voivode, which is appointed by the King, but it is ultimatelly headed by the King himself as the supreme authority on foreign policy, following carefully the Karno-Ruthenian foreign policies.

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References[edit | edit source]

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