Treaty of Gretzenmarcher

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Treaty of Gretzenmarcher
Coat of Arms of Carpathia from 22 June 2017.
Coat of Arms of Carpathia from 22 June 2017.
Created 22 June 2017
Ratified 22 June 2017
Location Gretzenmarcher, Letzembourg
Authors Emperor-King Oscar
Signers LetzemburgFlagCivil.png Grand Duke Christian
CarpathiaNewFlag.png Domnitor Alexander XII
Purpose Abdication of Domnitor Alexander XII, ascension of Domnitor Christian I and union of Carpathia to Karnia-Ruthenia.

The Treaty of Gretzenmarcher is a treaty signed between Grand Duke Christian of Letzembourg and Domnitor Alexander XII of Carpathia in which it was agreed that Alexander XII would abdicate from the Princely Throne of the Carpathia in favor of the House of Letzembourg and restore the Principality as state member of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire, submitted to its laws, Constitution and Emperor.

The parties agreed to keep the terms of the treaty definitely. The signing of the treaty was a continuing act of breaking diplomatic relations by the Hasanistani government on 20 June 2017, which put an end to the former Pavlovian government over Carpathia and is known in the empire as the "Reconquest of Carpathia."

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