Treaty of Libenstein

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Treaty of Libenstein
Cover of the treaty.
Cover of the treaty.
Created 30 January 2019
Ratified 31 January 2019
Location Libenstein, Cardonia
Authors Emperor-King Oscar
Signers 16.png Emperor-King Oscar
Flag-Kingdom-of-Cardonia.png King Carl
Purpose Annexation of Cardonia to Karnia-Ruthenia; merging of Hakodate to Cardonia.

The Treaty of Libenstein, also known as the Karnia-Ruthenia–Cardonia Annexation Treaty, was made by the rulers of the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia and the Kingdom of Cardonia on 30 January 2019[1].

In this treaty, Karnia-Ruthenia formally annexed Cardonia following the turnover of internal and external affairs to Karnia-Ruthenia. Karno-Ruthenians commentators predicted that Cardonians would easily assimilate into the Empire, especially due the provision that the Karno-Ruthenian Concession in Hakodate would become part of the Cardonian territory[2].

"His Majesty, the King of Cardonia makes the complete and permanent cession to His Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia of all rights of sovereignty over the whole of Cardonia."
Treaty of Libenstein, Article II.

The parties agreed to keep the terms of the treaty indefinitely, preserving the conditions that provide the signing of the treaty, stating that if the implementation of the treaty becomes infeasible to both parties, the signatories would to restore the status quo ante.

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