Treaty of São Salvador

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Treaty of São Salvador
Created 22 January 2022
Location Salvador, Mauritia
Authors HG the Duke of Frag
Signers Mauricia.png United Provinces of Mauritia
Karniarutheniaflag.png Karnia-Ruthenia
Purpose Agreement to prevent border dispute between Karnia-Ruthenia and Mauritia in South America.

The Treaty of São Salvador, also sometimes formally referred to as The Treaty on the regularization of borders and of free movement between the United Provinces of Mauritia and the The Kingdoms and Lands of the Crown of Ruthenia and the Lands Represented in the Council of Karnia, is a treaty signed by representatives of the governments of Mauritia and Karnia-Ruthenia, to prevent the possibility of border dispute between them, since many land claims of the Empire are located not only under sphere of Mauritaanse influence, but bordering their claims.

Reaffirming the historical friendship between the nations, it was decided to formalize the free movement of citizens and good between Mauritia and Weißeswasser, Ladislavia, Hoheneinsamkeit and Cieszpreg and Zallanta. Within Mauritaanse nobility, were created the March of Biharkeresztes, establish and bounded to the Village of Biharkeresztes (territorial reference of Itaueira, Eliseu Martins and Bertolínea) and the County of Szentistvánfehérvár, establish and bounded to the Village of Szentistvánfehérvár (territorial reference of Flores do Piauí, Floriano, Guadalupe, Jerumenha, Nazaré do Piauí and Rio Grande do Piauí). Both the titles of Marquis Gotzo de Biharkeresztes and Count de la Roche et Szentistvánfehérvár, both titles ex officio of the Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia, were not entitled to have right to vote at the Mauritaanse Estates-General.

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