Treaty of Saint Michael of Socotra

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Treaty of Saint Michael of Socotra
Emblem of Socotra.
Emblem of Socotra.
Created 16 August 2018
Ratified 28 August 2018
Location Persenburg, Ruthenia
Authors Emperor-King Oscar
Signers Karnia-RutheniaStateFlag.png Emperor-King Oscar
Empire Lemuria Tricolor Flag.png Duke Michael of Solisia
Purpose Transfer of sovereignty over Socotra from Lemuria to Karnia-Ruthenia.

The Treaty of Saint Michael of Socotra is a treaty signed between Emperor-King Oscar of Karnia-Ruthenia and Duke Michael of Solisia as Representative of Lemurian Empire, Captain-General of the Realm and Knight Grand Commander of the Lemurian Sword, in which it was agreed that the Empire of Lemuria decided to deliver the sovereignty over the Archipelago of Socotra (including Socotra Island, Abd al Kuri, Darsah and Samhah, hereinafter referred to as Socotra) with effect from 01 September 2018 and the Karno-Ruthenian Government declared that it would annex Socotra to the Empire with effect from 01 September 2018.

The parties agreed to keep the terms of the treaty indefinitely, preserving the conditions that provide the signing of the treaty, stating that if the implementation of the treaty becomes infeasible to both parties, the signatories would to restore the status quo ante. The treaty also provides that Socotra will be a protectorate under imperial administration and the Karno-Ruthenian Government also declared its basic policies regarding Socotra.

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