Treaty of Saint Sylvester

From Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia
Treaty of Saint Sylvester
Coat of Arms of Taslavia.
Coat of Arms of Taslavia.
Created 30 December 2020
Ratified 31 December 2020
Location Persenburg, Karnia-Ruthenia
Authors Emperor-King Oscar
Signers Emperor-King Oscar
King Guilherme
Purpose Territorial changes in Karnia-Ruthenia and Taslavia.

The Treaty of Saint Sylvester is a treaty signed between Emperor-King Oscar of Karnia-Ruthenia and King Guilherme of Taslavia on 31 December 2020 - Saint Sylvester's Day - in which it was agreed that Horvatia would cease to be a member state of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire and become part of the Governorate of Idolines, a region of the Kingdom of Taslavia.

The parties agreed to keep the terms of the treaty indefinitely, preserving the conditions that provide the signing of the treaty, with the compromise of eternal renounciation of Karnia-Ruthenia to the Horvatian territory, in exchange to have the mediatized title of King of Horvatia recognized as part of the historic titles of the Karno-Ruthenian Monarchy. Also, the title and office of Ban of Horvatia was extinguished and Horvatia, per se, wouldn't exist anymore, being nominally just part of the Idolines.

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