Treaty of St. Demetrius

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Treaty of Saint Demetrius
Coat of Arms of Pavlov until 2017.
Coat of Arms of Pavlov until 2017.
Created 23 January 2020
Ratified 28 January 2020
Location Persenburg, Karnia-Ruthenia
Authors Domnitor Oscar
Signers Karniarutheniaflag.png Emperor Oscar
PavlovFlag.png Prince Dionisiy
Purpose Recognition of Two Melillas, strengthening relations with Montescano and Hasanistan, provisions of rights between citizens of the Empire and subjects of the Pavlovian Union.

The Treaty of Saint Demetrius is a treaty signed between Emperor-King Oscar of Karnia-Ruthenia and Dionsiy of Montescano in which it was established the recognition of the Duchy of Two Melillas, a micronation in personal union with the Sublime State of Hasanistan and the Principality of Montescano, but also recognized the Nedlando-Khorașanese Union of Former Colonial Possessions, since the Pavlovian Union, an intergovernmental organisation between micronations that have a shared history with the Tsardom of Pavlov and seeks to grant to the citizens of the member states a single citizenship not replacing national, but as an additional, a single monetary policy, a single foreign policy and the protection of Pavlovian cultural heritage.

It was also officialized the right to citizens from the Empire and of the member states of the Pavlovian Union to acquire each others citizenship and enjoy the same rights. Its importance is because officially marked the end of almost four years of intermittent conflict between the two states and their predecessors, which saw a significant improvement in Montescanin-Karnian-Ruthenian relations.

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