The Treaty of Usgarn, also sometimes informally referred in Karnia-Ruthenia as the New York Compact in comparasion to the Missouri Compact, is a treaty signed between Karnia-Ruthenia, the United Kingdoms of Greater Islip and the Cheskgaryian-Litvarian Commonwealth, in which the signatories acted to pacify the Long Island sector.

Treaty of Usgarn
Coat of Arms of Temeswaria
Coat of Arms of Temeswaria
Created 14 December 2022
Location Usgarn, Cheskgaryia-Litvania
Authors Karno-Ruthenian and Islipian government
Signers Emperor Oscar
Carson Snyder
King Charles
King Frederick
Purpose - Pacification of Long Island Sector
- Expansion of the imperial claims in US

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The Kingdom of Temeswar, though a non-signatory micronation, was nevertheless included in the terms of the document, since the land transfered to Karnia-Ruthenia was the territory that would compose the nem micronation, to be ruled in personal union with Karnia-Ruthenia.

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