Treaty of Usgarn

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Treaty of Usgarn
Coat of Arms of Temeswaria
Coat of Arms of Temeswaria
Created 14 December 2022
Location Usgarn, Cheskgaryia-Litvania
Authors Karno-Ruthenian and Islipian government
Signers Emperor Oscar
Carson Snyder
King Charles
King Frederick
Purpose - Pacification of Long Island Sector
- Expansion of the imperial claims in US

The Treaty of Usgarn, also sometimes informally referred in Karnia-Ruthenia as the New York Compact in comparasion to the Missouri Compact, is a treaty signed between Karnia-Ruthenia, the United Kingdoms of Greater Islip and the Cheskgaryian-Litvarian Commonwealth, in which the signatories acted to pacify the Long Island sector.

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The Kingdom of Temeswar, though a non-signatory micronation, was nevertheless included in the terms of the document, since the land transfered to Karnia-Ruthenia was the territory that would compose the nem micronation, to be ruled in personal union with Karnia-Ruthenia.

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