Villa Alician State Visit of 2023

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Emperor Leonardo I and Emperor Oscar I, 13 November 2023.

Emperor Oscar I of Karnia-Ruthenia received Leonardo I, Emperor of Villa Alicia and his wife, Empress Layanne, during a state visit on 13 November 2023. It was the first micronational meeting in person of dignataries of both micronations and a major step towards the approximation of both empires[1].

Background[edit | edit source]

The two projects have had diplomatic recognition established since 10 September 2015, at a time when Villa Alicia was still a republic. Karno-Ruthenian support went through the transition from republic to monarchy and grew stronger over the years, culminating in the support of Villa Alicia in 2020, when the Brazilian sector was created, where both are very active. In addition to geopolitical issues, Villa Alicia also became the largest exporter of art to the Empire, with several works of art, mostly graphic art, being sold to the Empire in sums that exceeded one million Vereinsmarks in recent years.

However, the magnum opus of the relationship between the two projects is the good relationship between the monarchs. Over the years, conversations evolved between Oscar I and Leonardo I, leaving the political and diplomatic sphere and developing a friendship between the families. This rapprochement would be crowned and solidly reinforced by the meeting that took place in 13 November 2023.

Events[edit | edit source]

Aerial view of the Museum of Ipiranga, the Independence Park and the Monument to the Independence of Brazil.

Leonardo I and his wife, Empress Layanne, welcomed Oscar I for lunch at the Tanka restaurant, one of the most popular oriental cuisine restaurants in the Liberdade neighborhood, in São Paulo, Brazil. There, they met formally and discussed micronationalism and personal matters at length with greater lightness. On this occasion, they exchanged gifts - Leonardo I received the Order of the Three Golden Fleeces and Oscar I received a wooden box and a miniature capybara, also in wood, carved in the traditional form of Villa Alicia.

After lunch, the imperials continued to the Ipiranga neighborhood, where they visited the cradle of Brazilian independence and the monument that marks the exact place where it occurred. They took photos and visited the gardens of the Museum of Ipiranga, the Independence Park and the Monument to the Independence of Brazil.

Initially not organized, the sovereigns decided to have dinner together on Paulista Avenue, marking the end of the meeting and the beginning of the friendship that now extended not only to the Villa-Alician sovereign, but also to his wife. They walked along part of Paulista Avenue and said goodbye, with the promise of a reunion in a future opportunity, in one of the great diplomatic successes of Karnia-Ruthenia.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

If, on the one hand, the rapprochement between the two governments is undeniable, which, by extension, reflects the rapprochement between the monarchs, on the other hand, it is easy to highlight this meeting as one of the most prolific ever held by Karno-Ruthenian diplomacy. One of the side effects, however, was the Imperial Government's predisposition to recognize the People's Republic of Maragogui, through and through the influence of this same meeting, in a historic act for imperial diplomacy. The People's Republic of Maragogui is a socialist republic whose government is under the Villa-Alician sphere of influence.

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